Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are hard to find and hard to keep. There is a growing trend, which is troubling, where they are stepping away for a variety of reasons. This has resulted in a number of organizations hiring more junior staff members that need assurances or someone more senior to be their advisor (virtual CISO or vCISO), interim, or full time time remote CISO for a period of time.

4D5A Security has a notable network of senior experts available to meet your needs. Contact us if you have a need for vCISO services in any capacity. We can arrange flexible pricing plans for as little as ten hours a month to forty hours a week, based upon needs, with standard allowances for staff management.

Ken Dunham, CEO, is the author of of a new pending book in 2024 titled “Cyber CISO Marksmanship”, a book by CISOs for CISOs, along with a community online for approved members to support one another.