Digital Forensics

4D5A Security supports Chain of Custody (CoD) processing of sensitive data under NDA in a timely and expert fashion.  4D5A Security supports all types of digital forensics including but not limited to the following:

  • Social media & email discovery and analysis, including those deleted or attempted to be hidden from other users.
  • Hunting for malware on a compromised system to identify malware context, vector of attack, additional IOCs, and how to mitigate and minimize future threats.
  • Analyzing mobile devices to identify illicit relationships, inappropriate media, or violations of appropriate use.
  • Data recovery in the event a drive crashes, rescuing important documents, photos, and other data on a failed drive or damaged device.
  • Investigative support for your team or legal support (expert witness) in a courtroom (advisory/litigation), using court approved Chain of Custody (CoD) processing of all such data.
  • Governance involving forensics, helping your IT and security staff, policy, and procedures to best leverage forensics during each stage of handling data during an investigation.
  • Forensics training can also be provided as part of on-site staff training to aid in skills and capabilities development coupled with managerial messaging and teaming in 4-8 hour training sessions.

Write-blockers are used in all forensic investigations, even when CoD is not required by the client, to ensure data and research integrity.  Our experts have experience in advanced malware hunting and investigative support helping you find the needle in the haystack with data on a drive of interest.  Traditional SATA, newer SSD (solid state drives) and mobile media are all supported by our experts on staff.  4D5A Security is here to help, from a smaller case involving investigation into activity on a mobile device, to complex investigations involving advanced eCrime or espionage activities on one or more drives.  All reports are comprehensive and written in a manner where laymen can understand important findings.  Our experts on staff are global leading experts, available if you need assistance in winning legal battles in the courtroom.  Ask us about legal support services if your needs extend beyond digital forensics.