Security Assessments

Assessments of critical assets should take place on an annual basis to identify both known and unknown services and risk.  Assessments offered by 4D5A Security use industry trusted security tools and tactics for multiple types of assessments. 

4D5A Security supports the following test options:
a) blind (mimicking that of a hacker with no information)
b) gray (some information provided by client)
c) white (full details shared by client)

Ask us about assessments you are interested in or may need:
Framework Driven Assessments (Readiness)
NIST CSF and/or 800-53 Readiness Assessment
CIS 18 Readiness Assessment
ISO 27001 Readiness Assessment
CMMC Readiness Assessment

Policy & Planning Writing & Preparing

Threat Driven Assessment
Architectural Security & Configuration Review
Enterprise Security Risk Assessment
(Threat/MITRE ATT&CK focused, two approaches)

Vulnerability/Pen Testing Assessments
Internal and/or External Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing
Web Application Security Assessment
Mobile Application Security Assessment

Nation/State Speciality Assessment
Espionage Assessment