4D5A Security

Cybersecurity Services

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Trust is at the center of all services provided by 4D5A Security. We strive to balance tactical, strategic, and operational needs of clients in all engagements towards business outcomes to reduce risk.

4D5A Security is compromised of the global cyber elite:

*Each specialist with ten or more years of speciality in their field.
*IT/Security operations experts with decades of front line experience.
*Highly specialized hard-to-find skills such as native Chinese and Russian language with counterintelligence training.
*Malware research and response experts that originally discovered and named the code you’re currently battling! (e.g. Papras aka Ordergun).
*Innovators that have set up SOC and command centers all around the world.
*Best of class threat hunters and Darkweb/Underground operations.

Tired of reactively responding to viruses and incidents and problems at work? 4D5A Security specializes in getting out in front. Let us help you identify your holistic security needs, structure you for success – top to bottom and top to bottom – with short and long-term needs prioritized, to proactively manage risk.

Client Use Case: Client reactively called 4D5A Security in to handle an incident when they suffered a ransomware attack, via trusted word of mouth referral. 4D5A security was on the phone within an hour handling the case. We discovered three different actors and attacks taking place, and a fourth being staged. All attacks were stopped immediately and operations resumed, due to the rapid help of 4D5A security and a thorough understanding of the tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) of the threats facing the organization.

4D5A Security partnered with the organization, strategically and proactively going forward (post-incident), to evaluate their security posture and maturing using the NIST 800-53 framework, wrote policies and procedures, and aided the client mature operations. Since that time not a single incident has occured in operations and the client has learned they were not compliant and has reached compliance as a result of advisory services performed by 4D5A Security.