Category: Ciphers

  • Concealment Ciphers

    Hidden before your very eyes, tricky and fun!

  • Compass Cipher

    Use a compass, or any pattern desired, to generate a cipher.

  • Cipher Clocks

    Simple correlation – easy to customize and create from any number, letter, or symbol.


    ASCII was invented last century to standardize hardware and software for interoperable compatibility. Today we see it in computing as a regular transformation, where a user clicks on the letter “A”, which is then transmitted to a computer and converted to the ASCII value of 65, and eventually into binary.

  • Binary

    Binary ciphers are one of my favorites. This is essential in the world of computer to understand how computers transmit data as “0”s and “1”s via electricity and stored within chips!

  • Alphabet Wheel Cipher

    Alphabet Wheel Ciphers are fun and easy to perform!

  • Alphabet & Word Correlated Ciphers

    Caesar had a cipher, and it worked well, offsetting letters in the alphabet. There are lots of creative ways to do this for alphabet and word correlated ciphers.

  • Bifid Cipher

    I created this tutorial last century. Fun Cryptography! Now there are online encoders and decoders!