Windows KB 3097877 Crashing Outlook

Sometimes having the latest and greatest technology and having everything patched doesn’t work out like you expected, as is the case with Windows KB 3097877 this morning.  This patch causes multiple versions of Outlook to crash.  I ran into this problem and immediately ran the scanpst tool, which is in the Microsoft Office Program Files directory.  It found some errors which it corrected, but upon starting up Outlook it crashed immediately.  This issue appears to be linked to how fonts are rendered and MS is aware of the issue.  For now you can go to the control panel and add/remove, look at Updates, and find the Windows KB 3097877 patch to right click and uninstall it.  This requires a restart upon which Outlook then works properly.  An update to the patch should be rolled in the near future; for now you will likely need to uninstall the patch to resume normal business operations.

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