Too little time and money

I hear this all too often, “We don’t have the time, money, or resources”…to make security a priority.

I grew up on 25 acres raising farm animals, growing a garden, chopping wood, and toting a gun.  When we had a problem our neighbors wouldn’t even be able to hear us if we yelled out in pain.  We learned important lessons about self-reliance, pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps, and making due with what you had.  I reminds me of the movie Apollo 13 where they have to team up to figure out a way to get our boys home using duct tape and whatever else they could find on the shuttle.

Entitlement is a serious problem in the generation of children, and sadly some adults, in the world we live in today.  Complacency is all too common, especially where politics reign.  Excuses can run rampant in our world of shifting liabilities.  And then there are those that finish the race no matter what the cost; those that run with honor; those that never give up.  Think Rocky!  Adrian 🙂

It may well be true that you have no hope of any reasonable support but that doesn’t make you helpless.  You may be outmaned and outguned by the adversary but that doesn’t mean you can’t fight.  In my world I ‘make time’ by maintaining clear and present priorities and plans.  I intentionally purpose to take a step ahead every day, every week, instead of reactively fighting fires all day long.

Bogged down reading event logs with a queue that crushes you?  Accept it and decide that each day, or once a week you’ll spend X minutes doing something to automate or make it more efficient or increase your own training or capabilities.  DO SOMETHING to get ahead, systematically, every week at a minimum.  Perhaps you are an incident responder who has to parse logs manually every day…build your own parser or find tools that can help you be more efficient.  Over time you’ll slowly turn the tables and make progress, which can be maintained, giving you the edge in the long run.  If you simply react to your every day whatever issues you’ll be a slave to circumstance your entire life.  Be intentional.  Be proactive. Be your own best advocate and help others to do the same.  Lead by example.

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