Sometimes you have to experience it to understand

“When you lead others make sure they are at a place of readiness to hear your message, they may need some experience first.”

I can talk to you all day long about what it feels like to be inside of a football stadium during an important home game; the crowd roars and the fans go wild when their team scores.  To be in the stadium is so very different than what one hears from others or sees on TV.  Naturally I had various experiences on football fields as a fan growing up, through college.  When I went to my first NFL football game I saw a lot of things happen during the ‘commercial’ time on the field that was foreign to me in this ‘big boy’ arena.  The mascot would rally the crowd, cheerleaders, interaction with the crowd and fight songs, the wave, and so much more.  The smells, drinks, food and culture was so much more intense and amazing than what I could have imagined from afar, in a way that was far superior to any games I had attended earlier in life.

As a father I train up my children in the way they should go.  When they become teenagers it gets interesting real quick.  Now all of my children are teenagers or older, and of course, they are acting and thinking like teens…and I realize that they must have the independence to fall, the grace from a Father to be there for them when they do, to find their own way in this world.  I’d like to impart on them all the things I’ve learned, but this is something they have to do for themselves no matter what wisdom I may value or obtain.

When talking to others about cyber threat intelligence I find that my world of reference and thinking is very different than theirs in most cases.  We are on the edge of adaptive change in the industry as it relates to intel. I expect us to see maturation in the next few years.  Right now there are a number of security teams being matured across the nation and globe of which many are starting to tackle the concept of cyber threat intel.  Once they get experience and have something to relate too they’ll be ready for the full experience.  Only then will it resonate like football did for me when I entered an NFL football stadium during a game.