Risk Radar Free Cyber Newsletter – Nov 8, 2016

The Real Hacker Threat to Election Day? Data Deception and Denial
The security community have weighed in on how an election could be hacked. It is not the hacking of an electrical voting system or a sabotage of the electrical grid. The simple course of blacking out real sources of information and spreading disinformation would be a more likely threat.
‘US Military Hackers Poised to Retaliate if Russia Disrupts Election
The digital version of mutually assured destruction is in place if a significant cyber-attack were to take place. The US government is prepared for a possible fake document and misinformation attack from Russia. The norms of cyber war are still being worked out as we go forward.

Locky ransomware spreading via Bizarro Sundown EK
Two new versions of Locky ransomware have been found in a new Exploit Kit (EK) called Bizarro Sundown. Bizarro Sundown has additional anti-analysis features built in, like obfuscation of landing pages and anti-crawling.

Request the Ransomware Epidemic whitepaper from 4D5A Security for more information on how to defend against ransomware.

Google’s Chrome Hackers Are About to Upend Your Idea of Web Security
If you are using Chrome for your browsing, sites using unencrypted HTTP connections are going to be called out. This is a flip from the current way non secure websites are shown in the Chrome address bar. A red triangle with an exclamation point will be shown for non-secure websites in January.
Cybersecurity pros say easy to sort 650K Clinton emails in eight days
Many have wondered if the FBI could sort through the 650K Clinton emails in eight days. Cybersecurity professionals make the case with a list of known email accounts and search terms the emails could be reduced to only a couple hundred emails.
Cyber Security Challenge UK crowns youngest ever champion
18 year old Ben Jackson has won the Cyber Security Challenge UK 2016. He is the youngest to win the competition.  Sounds like he would be a good Cyber Security Ninja to have on your security team.