Risk Radar Free Cyber Newsletter – Nov 28, 2017

Cyber Security Newsletter

Emergent threats, trends, and news annotated by some of the most well known and respected experts in the industry.

Tailored, Targeted Ransomware Evolves
Ransomware is moving from a spray-and-pray approach to a more targeted attack. New ransomware is going after specific targets and specific files extensions. Ransomware is also shifting to a “as-a-service option”. The technical skills to build ransomware will not be needed, ready to go ransomware kits can be purchased.
Intel Patches CPU Bugs Impacting Millions of PCs, Servers
Intel has released patches for the vulnerabilities in its Management Engine. The vulnerabilities allow remote code execution. The only option at this point is to patch. Intel is advising people to patch their systems ASAP.
Newly Published Exploit Code Used to Spread Mirai Variant
A newly published exploit on IoT devices made by ZyXEL Communications is showing increased activity on ports 23 and2323. This is a new Mirai variant that is compromising IoT devices for use in botnet attacks.
How Bots Broke the FCC’s Public Comment System
A record 22 million comments on the FCC’s net neutrality roll back have come into the FCC. The problem is millions of the comments could have been generated by bots. At this point it seems like bots were used on both sides. This makes it very hard to figure out legitimate comments on important issues like net neutrality.
Holiday Season Breaches Not as Prevalent as You Might Think
Researchers have discovered that holiday season attacks or breaches don’t happen as much as you would think. The research showed that hospitality companies see an uptick in attacks during the holidays.
ISF: Crime-as-a-Service, Regulation Pose Top 2018 Threats
The information security forum (ISF) has come up with 5 top global threats for ubusinesses. Crime-as-a-service and increased regulation (due to data breaches) are two of the big ones. Check out the article for the other three.