Risk Radar Free Cyber Newsletter – Nov 15, 2016

Security News This Week: What Trump’s Win Means for Cybersecurity
There are many questions about what a Trump administration means for information security. A surprising election result has security experts wondering what the future holds for Cybersecurity. Some worry that the election results will embolden Russian hackers. There are also worries about new complications in national security due to a Trump Presidency.
‘CrySis Ransomware Master Decryption Keys Released
An unknown developer has released decryption keys related to the CySis family of ransomware, the developer is suspected to be with the CrySis team. The keys have been integrated into Kaspersky Lab’s decryptor, this enables victims of CrySis version 2 and 3 to recover encrypted files.

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OpenSSL Patches High-Severity Denial-of-Service Bug
This is good news for anyone using OpenSSL, three high severity bugs have been patched. These type of exploits make it easier for DDoS attacks to happen. With the latest DDoS attacks we can see the problems that can happen. OpenSSL users should upgrade to the latest version.

Adult FriendFinder Hack Exposes 400 Million Accounts
Personal data from a potentially embarrassing data breach of Adult FriendFinder has been exposed, more than 400 million accounts have been released. User names and passwords in plane text are said to be exposed, there is a claim that 99 percent of the passwords have been cracked.
Smart Light Bulb Worm Hops from Lamp to Lamp
A team of security researchers have discovered a way to use the Philips Hue smart light bulbs as an in to take control of connected switches, locks and thermostats. The attack leverages a worm attack on the smart light bulbs that can then attack other controls on the same network. Another sign the security of the IoT needs to be taken seriously.
Assessing the Cost of Brexit from a Cybersecurity Standpoint
America is not the only country dealing with new security concerns. Britain is having to address new information security concerns due the Brexit vote. The article covers current and future concerns that Britain is dealing with.