Risk Radar Free Cyber Newsletter – Mar. 1, 2016


“Proof-of-concept attacks on the Internet of Things (IoT) are here, including wearables, internet infrastructure, and even cars.” Source: Internet Security Threat Report 2015 Symantec.
IRS: 390K More Victims of IRS.Gov Weakness
The IRS is revising the number of effected citizens to the “Get Transcript” hack. The estimate has more than tripled since the initial estimate of May 2015. Brian Krebs covers actions the IRS is taking to protect effected citizens, he also points out things U.S. tax payers can do to protect themselves.
FAQ: Here’s What You Need To Know About The Apple, FBI Dispute
Do you have questions about the Apple vs FBI dispute? This article covers a wide range of questions with fairly straight forward answers. How to handle this case is far from straight forward. With Apple and the FBI still fighting it out in court the end result is still in play.
Pressure grows on Congress to step into Apple-FBI fight
The Apple vs FBI case is creating pressure on congress to pass legislation that would settle the case. It is far from certain what a solution from congress would be. Some in congress support the FBI position in this case while others are backing Apple. With 2016 being an election year many are doubtful that any meaningful legislation will come out of congress this year.
Total Recall: Troy Hunt Breaks Down His Nissan Hack
A hack of the Nissan Leaf and eNV200 electric cars is allowing remote access and control of certain car functions. The functions are limited but the ease of the attack by Troy Hunt is worrisome. Troy breaks down the details of the attack in the article. Nissan has shut down the app that was causing the problem.
Ransomware rising
Ransomware has been around for at least 25 years and has become more common in the last decade. These attacks will become more common at the consumer level going forward. Some experts expect ransomware to start effecting the Internet of Things (IoT). The article covers many of the security issues with the IoT. While there are security issues with IoT experts expect vendors to improve their security on IoT items going forward.
Kaspersky weighs up the true cost of a cyber attack
Kaspersky breaks down the true cost of getting hacked. The short answer is a lot of money plus inconvenience. The article goes into more detail of the cost and inconvenience of dealing with a hack, it is not inexpensive or fun.