Risk Radar Free Cyber Newsletter – Jun 27, 2017

Cyber Security Newsletter

Emergent threats, trends, and news annotated by some of the most well known and respected experts in the industry.

Global Petya ransomware attack spreading quickly: Update 1
There appears to another ransomware attack that is spreading like WannaCry.  It started in the Ukraine and has moved outside the Ukraine. It does appear that this Petya attack was initially started with email containing a malicious link. Petya is different than WannaCry in that it encrypts the master file table instead of encrypting individual files.
Michigan Healthcare Company Hit by Non-WannaCry Ransomware
Healthcare is a big target for ransomware developers. The need for a hospital to get access to healthcare data is very important, this is one of the reasons so many in healthcare related fields will pay the ransom. This article covers a healthcare company that was hit by ransomware before WannaCry. All types of ransomware will be going after healthcare targets.

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Linux Systems in the Hackers’ Cross Hairs
Linux may not be used by the average computer user, but it is used in many places on the internet. Many of the web servers we are connecting to are using Linux, many IoT devices are using Linux also. Data is showing attacks on Linux based devices is increasing. If you work with Linux based servers or Linux based IoT devices you need to ensure that you are patching and setting them up with proper security.

Another RCE Vulnerability Patched in Microsoft Malware Protection Engine
Microsoft may not be liking Tavis Ormandy of Google right now, but he is helping to make Windows more secure. This is the third exploit the Tavis has found in the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine (MPE) this year. Actually I think Microsoft may be liking Tavis a lot. It is better if Tavis and fellow researchers find these bugs than the bad guys.
Deloitte: Oil and Gas Companies Poorly Prepared for Cyber-Attack
A report by Deloitte is showing the oil and gas companies are at risk to cyber-attacks. The problems in security covered physical and network security problems. One of the authors of the report said it was like walking into the 1980s, the security was so lax.
US and Israel Announce New Cybersecurity Pact
The United States and Israel have been allies in many ways, today America and Israel have specifically agreed to work together on cybersecurity. This will involve creating joint teams to work on cybersecurity related issues.