Risk Radar Free Cyber Newsletter – Jul 11, 2017

Cyber Security Newsletter

Emergent threats, trends, and news annotated by some of the most well known and respected experts in the industry.

Energy, Nuclear Targeted with Template Injection Attacks
Nuclear facilities and other energy providers are being targeted with a classic word document phishing attack. The attack is not using a macros attack, instead it is using a malicious template to harvest user credentials. These credentials can be used for further attacks in the energy field.
POS malware steals card data, maybe fingerprints, from workplace food kiosks
Avanti Markets high tech vending machines have been hit with malware. Payment and finger print data may have been stolen from users of these vending machines. Avanti Markets is working on fixing the problem and will be working with effected customers. For more detailed information on this attack check out Brian Krebs page.

Enterprise Complexity Requires New Security Approaches
With today’s malware attacks quick detection of these attacks makes a huge difference. If the attacks are not discovered quickly the impact can be bad for the enterprise. Enterprise computing networks are getting more complex. This complexity makes securing them very hard. The enterprise network perimeter is now harder to defend. New security approaches will be needed for today’s enterprise networks.

Citing privacy concerns and questioning motives, states balk at voting commission request
The voting commission put together by Trump is requesting that states hand over voter data. At this point only Arkansas has handed over this information. Privacy concerns and questions of what the commission will be doing with the data are causing states to balk at giving the data. Some are saying the commission will need to narrow its request to get full participation.
Trump Backtracks on Russia Security Partnership Plans
The Russia and US security partnership seems to be in a limbo state. Trump had previously tweeted about a security partnership between Russia and the US. Now his is tweeting that it can’t happen.
IT Leaders Still Believe Perimeter Security Can Keep Hackers Out
IT leaders have a lot of confidence in perimeter security keeping their data secure. Data shows that this confidence is misplaced. The current enterprise security network is a complex environment and new security approaches will be needed to properly secure networks.