Risk Radar Free Cyber Newsletter – Jan 3 , 2017

FBI-DHS Report Links Fancy Bear Gang to Election Hacks
The FBI has issued a report linking Russian known hacking groups to the election hacks. This report is backing up similar reporting from the CIA. The FBI reports implicates Russian intelligence services using known Russian hacking groups.
PHPMailer, SwiftMailer Updates Resolve Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities
If you are using PHPMailer or SwiftMailer make sure you get the latest update, older versions have critical remote code executions vulnerabilities. In addition to the remote code execution problem attackers can potentially gain access to a webserver hosting a web app that is using a vulnerable version of PHPMailer or SwiftMailer.

New variant of KillDisk wiper threatens industrial control networks with ransomware
KillDisk ransomware was used in the BlackEnergy malware attack on the Ukrainian energy utilities. It has evolved into ransomware that could be targeting industrial-control networks.

Request the Ransomware Epidemic whitepaper from 4D5A Security for more information on how to defend against ransomware.

Leet IoT Botnet Bursts on the Scene with Massive DDoS Attack
A new internet of things (IoT) botnet has shown up that can rival the Mirai botnet. The attack was mitigated, but the analysis of the payload is concerning researchers. The data showed a mishmash of files from compromised IoT devices. Researchers expect more IoT botnets to be used in future DDoS attacks.
Criminals phish credit card numbers with ‘Twitter verification’ scam
Twitter sponsored advertisements are being used to phish credit card numbers. If these Twitter ads are clicked a fake twitter verification page comes up. If the user completes the Twitter verification page another page comes up asking for a credit card number and security code.
Raising the Stakes: Serious Cyber Security Preparations for 2017
This article has a nice list of things to watch out for regarding cyber security in 2017.

Here is a good article on how to build a culture of security in your organization.

If you are into podcasts Threatpost does an interesting 2016 wrap up podcast.