Risk Radar Free Cyber Newsletter – Dec 6, 2016

New Mirai Variant Targets Routers, Knocks 900,000 Offline
A Mirai variant is being used to target DSL routers, this has knocked of around 900,000 internet users. Deutsche Telekom is patching their routers, but millions of other modems are still vulnerable.
New Ransomware Families to Rise 25% in 2017
It should be no surprise that new ransomware is expected to increase 25% in 2017. Some of these new ransomware families may be attacking ATMs, POS systems and industrial systems. The money to be gained from ransomware is growing faster than other malware.

Request the Ransomware Epidemic whitepaper from 4D5A Security for more information on how to defend against ransomware.

Daily Motion Breach: 86 Million Accounts Compromised
User IDs, emails, and passwords (for 18 million accounts) for Daily Motion have been breached. An insecure web application is initially pointed to as the cause of the breach. The user IDs and passwords have the potential to be used in re-use attacks against other services.

Gooligan Malware Breaches 1 Million Google Accounts
Gooligan malware is targeting Android devices with OS versions 4 and 5. The attack is leveraging a third party app install from a third party app store or email phishing campaigns. Ways to mitigate this attack are covered in the article.

This article is from an Android site, but it does a good job of going over Android security and some of the over-hype of Android malware.

Distributed Guessing Attack Reels in Payment Card Data
Academics from Newcastle University have come up with an attack against Visa and other online sites like PayPal and Amazon. The attack leverages a bot that does guesses on multiple websites to get into the account without triggering a warning.
EFF Blasts DEA in Ongoing Secret ‘Super Search Engine’ Lawsuit
The EFF is suing the DEA over a Freedom of information Act (FOIA) request, EFF is saying the information is being withheld or highly redacted. The FOIA is in regards to a supers search engine called Hemisphere. The article covers the concerns the EFF has with the Hemisphere program.