Risk Radar Free Cyber Newsletter – Dec 27, 2016

Black market medical record prices drop to under $10, criminals switch to ransomware
The market price for stolen medical records has been dropping. This drop in price has encouraged the move to ransomware. Hospitals have been increasing security in regards to data breaches and other malware, another reason for the increase of ransomware.

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NIST Calls for Submissions to Secure Data Against Quantum Computing
Practical quantum computing may be decades away, but NIST is putting the call out to cryptographers for new cryptography methods that will stand up to quantum computing. The worry is that quantum computing may become practical sooner and current cryptography will not be secure.

Apple gives iOS app developers more time to encrypt communications
The deadline for iOS developers to encrypt app communications has been moved. Apple originally had the deadline set for the end of 2016. It seems the majority of iOS apps are not on track to meet the App Transport Security (ATS) requirement.
This article covers some concerns the enterprises may have over Apple’s ATS delay.

Ticno trojan installs via Windows “save” dialog box
A new Trojan is tricking users to install malware with a Windows “save” dialog box. The Trojan uses some interesting techniques to stay hidden once installed. Ticno Trojan brings in a sneaky adware package that will be left behind when the Trojan is removed.
Hacker Lexicon: What Is the Attribution Problem?
With nation state hacking on the increase, attribution is becoming more important. Knowing who is behind the attack is key to having a proper response. While it is hard to get attribution to cyber-attacks it is not impossible.
CIOs eye automation, platform strategies, cybersecurity for 2017
An interesting way to see what is coming in 2017 for information security is to see where iCIOs plan to spend their security budgets. This article cover the plans of 5 CIOs for 2017.