Risk Radar Free Cyber Newsletter – Dec 26, 2017

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Crooks Switch from Ransomware to Cryptocurrency Mining
Some attackers are switching from ransomware to cryptocurrency mining malware. The malware uses the PC’s resources to mine for Monero, an open-source cryptocurrency. The increase in value of Cryptocurrency makes it a tempting target. Also new anti-ransomware mitigation techniques are making ransomware attacks harder to do.
Huawei Router Vulnerability Used to Spread Mirai Variant
The security issues with IoT devices continue. A vulnerability in Huawei home routers is being used to spread a variant of Mirai. This new variant does not use a brute-force attack, it is using the vulnerability in the Huawei home routers.

The economics of cybersecurity
The economics of cybersecurity are making for some big changes in cybersecurity. Georgia, Michigan, Rhode Island, and California are making some big investments in cybersecurity. These changes are indicative of big changes to come in cybersecurity.

Eye on Cybersercurity
SC Media has been reporting on infosec security issues for thirty years. There is a saying that the more things change the more they stay the same. SC Media gives their take on if this old saying is true in cybersecurity.

Whew! Did all that just happen?
2017 was a very interesting time for cybersecurity. Nation state attacks, ransomware, and data breaches are just part of the year. The article covers these and many more issues that happened in 2017.
Top 8 Cybersecurity Skills IT Pros Need in 2018
As we head into 2018 it is good to know what skills are needed in cybersecurity for the new year. The article covers the top eight skills needed in information security for 2018.