Risk Radar Free Cyber Newsletter – Dec 20, 2016

Obama: US Will Retaliate Against Russian Cyberattacks In Proportional Manner
With evidence mounting that Russia was behind the election-related cyber-attacks, Obama has called for retaliation against Russia. While Obama has called for this retaliation it is uncertain what the Trump admiration will do.

This article makes the case that curbing the Russian hacking will not be as easy as it was to minimize the Chinese hacking.

The year ransomware became one of the top threats to enterprises
It should be no surprise that ransomware has become the top threats to enterprises this year. The article covers the vectors of ransomware attack on enterprises. To add to the fun ransomware as a service is growing.

Fraud detection firm outs $1b Russian ad-fraud gang and its robo-browsing Methbot
Those Russian-based hackers have had a busy year, a robo-browser called Methbot has been used to spoof ad transactions. Information is being released that will enable online advertisers and marketplaces to block Methbot.

Mobile banking trojans adopt ransomware features
Ransomware is continuing to grow in the mobile arena. Two known android banking Trojans have included ransomware features.  The article covers best practices to avoid android malware. With the success of ransomware, mobile ransomware will continue to grow.
ShadowBrokers Dump Came from Internal Code Repository, Insider
The latest analysis of the ShadowBrokers dump points to an insider being involved in the hack. The article covers previous analysis of the hack, pointing out that initial analysis is not always correct.
Microsoft To Block Flash In Edge Browser For Security, Speed
Al the big browsers will be blocking Adobe Flash by default, this will continue the push for websites to use HTML5 over Flash. With Flash still being a popular vector for attack, this is a great move for internet security.