Risk Radar Free Cyber Newsletter – Aug 23, 2016

Cisco Acknowledges ASA Zero Day Exposed by ShadowBrokers
A NSA hacker group may have been hacked by a new group called ShadowBrokers. ShadowBrokers then went on to start an online auction to sale the exploits the NSA hacker group had. The majority of the exploits deal with high-end enterprise networking gear; such as Cisco, Juniper and Fortinet. The article covers what should be done with affected devices.Is it good for the NSA to hoard exploits? This article goes over this very question.
Locky Targets Hospitals In Massive Wave Of Ransomware Attacks
A new Locky ransomware campaign has been discovered by FireEye. The attack is using phishing emails with a corrupted macro enabled 2007 word document. Healthcare is not the only group being attacked; telecom, transportation and manufacturing industries are being targeted also.While not as serious as the above attacks, be on the watch for Pokémon spam that is delivering ransomware.

Request the Ransomware Epidemic whitepaper from 4D5A Security for more information on how to defend against ransomware.

Linux flaw that allows anyone to hijack Internet traffic also affects 80% of Android devices
A majority of Android devices are vulnerable to the Linux kernel flaw. The flaw allows internet traffic to be hijacked. Lookout is currently not aware of this exploit being used in the wild. Lookout goes over some options to mitigate this exploit, the options are few at this moment.

Cloud Use Increases Attack Surface, But Security Not Keeping Up
The increased use of cloud services by enterprises is increasing the security threat to companies. This increased security threat due to cloud usage is not being accounted for by most businesses. If your company is using more cloud services you will need to adjust your security plan accordingly.
Someone is Spying on Researchers Behind VeraCrypt Security Audit
When TrueCrypt stopped further development VeraCrypt became the open source choice for disk encryption. An open source group has agreed to do an independent audit of VerCrypt. Some interesting events have occurred since the independent audit has been agreed to, the article covers this in more detail.
Microsoft Open Sources PowerShell; Now AVailable for Linux and OS X
We can now run a mostly full version of Linux bash natively on the latest version of Windows 10. Going forward Linux and OX users will be able to run Microsoft PowerShell. Microsoft is releasing the PowerShell scripting language as open source using the permissive MIT license.