Risk Radar Free Cyber Newsletter – Aug 15, 2017

Cyber Security Newsletter

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New Windows flaw could allow a WannaCry like attack if not patched
A new Windows flaw in Windows search could open PC’s to a WannaCry like attack. Microsoft has released a patch for this search flaw. Hopefully this patch will be broadly applied so we can avoid another WannaCry style attack.
Juniper Issues Security Alert Tied to Routers and Switches
Juniper routers and switches have a flaw in the open source image library. This flaw can allow a remote attacker to take control of some versions of Junos OS. Juniper is recommending customers update their software, there are some other precautions mentioned in the article.
SMEs ahead of larger orgs in IoT security, study
There is a study out showing that small and medium enterprises (SME) are better prepared to handle IoT security threats. The main reason SMEs are better prepared is due to knowing what is on their networks.
U.S. Military vows to tweak and fling malware back at creators
The U.S. Military is taking an interesting approach to attack back. They plan to take the attackers malware and reengineer it. After this the plan is to send it back to the attackers. The hard part will be getting proper attribution of the adversary.
GoDaddy, Google shut down neo-Nazi site
A neo-Nazi website has been shut down by GoDaddy and other domain providers. The shutdown was due to posts about the woman killed in Charlottesville. This response to the neo-Nazi site does show there are limits to free speech. It will be interesting to see what happens to controversial speech on the internet going forward.
High Schooler Nets $10,000 For Google Bug
A high school student from Uruguay found a bug in Google. The student was looking for vulnerabilities while using Google services. The reward was higher that the student expected.