DDoS – Are you prepared for a DDoS attack targeting your company?

“DDoS can be well defended against in 2016, but it takes planning ahead of time to avoid disruption of service.”

News (1, 2) is now emerging regarding the arrest of the “Distributed Denial of Service – DDoS – for Bitcoin” (DD4BC) group.  Authorities from Australia, France, Japan, Romania, USA, Switzerland, and INTERPOL were involved in the investigation.  That very clearly reveals a global gang for eCrime profit. For the past two years DD4BC has been extorting people for Bitcoins (a form of money/online payment) to not be DDoS’d.  Such exortion themes are not new, having been around all of this century, but they can be crippling.  With millions of compromised computers, and even high end DNS servers and bandwidth, available for DDoS attacks everyone is at risk for such an attack.  Are you ready if a DDoS extortion scheme or attack is launched against your organization?

4D5A Security can help you move from reactive and accepting unseen and unknown risk to knowing the threats that exist and taking steps to defend against them before they strike.  For DDoS protection consider a few basics to get started:

  • Use an ISP service that helps mitigate DDoS for you; consider over-provisioning (more than you need) and/or cloud anti-DDoS services.
  • Deploy an intelligent IDS solution and/or DDoS mitigation appliance that specifically addresses common DDoS.
  • Configure routers and firewalls to block/drop pings and similar nonessential protocols.
  • For application based DDoS attacks, configure servers to only process the types of requests you want processed and how, dropping and/or limiting others.
  • Make sure you have both the technology and people to properly analyze DDoS attack netflow for black/sinkholing such traffic enabling legitimate traffic to still be accessing servers.
  • Deploy a load balancing and failover architecture for your network resources.
  • Call a DDoS specialist for help – ideally before an attack strikes.

4D5A Security can help you defend against DDoS attacks today and tomorrow.  Email us at 4D5A Security to establish a very affordable retainer service enabling you assurance and established lines of communication for your time of potential crisis.