Breach & Incident Response

When an intrusion takes place it’s often through a security vulnerability or mis-configuration that administrators are unaware of; worse it often goes undetected for upwards of a year or more before it’s discovered.  In a recent breach response 4D5A Security found that the server had originally been compromised by not one, but at least two different adversaries, over a one year period.  Attackers had access to a large number of resources including sensitive records related to staff and clients and were actively exploiting access to network resources.  4D5A Security rapidly identified the vector of attacks, threat identification and mitigation steps, and provided actor attribution to aid in an investigative response.

We understand you’re busy keeping things operational and as secure as possible.  During a breach our leading global experts, who have experience in counter-espionage, battling eCrime, and other advanced threats, help you to stop the bleeding and minimize the impact of an intrusion.  You manage your resources while 4D5A Security performs rapid breach response services to aid you in both your process of incident response as well as investigative support and mitigation.  Our experts are also available to help you reconfigure and/or create new Golden Image that is hardened against attack and threats that are very advanced for persistence, such as MBR infectors. More importantly, we aim to not only respond to the known tactical threat but position your company to proactive defend against the larger strategic and persistent threats that are hammering your network daily.  4D5A Security goes way beyond signatures and anti-virus patching (best practices by IT) to provide you with leading contextualization of threats and controls to manage risk – when you need it most – during an incident.

4D5A Security recommends establishing a breach and/or incident response retainer contract on an annual basis.  This enables 4D5A Security and your company to be in a position, with clear processes and channels of escalation and communication, before an incident occurs.  With 24×7 call support 4D5A Security can quickly help you triage and respond to an incident or breach.  Having forensics and security consultation on retainer also helps companies with audits and regulatory compliance.  Our goal is to support your company so you can fight the good fight and win more battles and your war instead of accepting risk that potentially threatens your job, your company, and our country.