Consultation Services

4D5A Security specializes in advanced security response coupled with advisory support.  Our team is heavily trained and certified in a great number of technical and managerial areas globally and we are insured for a significant amount in an effort to protect our clients.  Private client referrals are available upon request from authenticated identities of interested prospects.

Normal incident response, vulnerability scans and assessments, augmented consultation, advisory and similar services are split out into separate functions.  We have found that the majority of our clients, small to F500, have a need to connect the dots – help technically and strategically.  Our bench is deep and wide with technical and governance/management Ninjas from all around the world to meet your specific needs when you need it.  We don’t just stop the bleeding, we help you with quick affordable wins to bolster your security and then focus upon a post-incident strategic response set of priorities within a road map specific to your needs.  We view ourselves as an extension of your team, not a contractor, seeking to drive value wherever we can in the most affordable way possible.  We strive to help clients who are looking to go from an urgent crisis to mitigated and managed security practices.  It is not uncommon for us to gain immediate proactive value, as in one case where a client immediately stopped six attacks in a week because of our proactive partnering with them on threats targeting their organization.

Contact us at for assistance.  Offering customized and advanced security services for businesses:

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